7 Things That Cause Wrinkles

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While some want to embrace the aging process, others want to dropkick the aging process in the teeth. You might feel young at heart, but your appearance doesn’t reflect that. Like a Robot in disguise. You don’t feel authentic anymore because your aging skin is in direct conflict with your youthful heart. Wrinkles are a part of life, but at Optimus Health, we don’t think they need to be.

Everyone’s skin will age, but there are some factors that can make wrinkles and other signs of aging more severe. Here are a few common causes of wrinkles that could be showing up on your face.

Repetitive Facial Movements

Repetitive facial movements are one of the biggest causes of wrinkles. When you look at the wrinkles on your face, you may notice that the more prominent ones are likely where you move your face the most. This includes your frown lines and laugh lines. A lifetime of making the same facial movements can start to take its toll on your skin as it loses elasticity and collagen.

Of course, stopping yourself from making these movements takes a level of discipline you can’t really expect yourself to follow. Especially if you are like us and have no filter for the emotional display on your face. Instead, procedures like neurotoxin injections can freeze the muscles so that these wrinkles smooth out and won’t progress anymore. In fact, it is best to get neurotoxins before the wrinkles ever form as a preventative measure.

UV Light Exposure

If you enjoyed years of sunbathing, you may be regretting that now. Ultraviolet light from the sun can cause damage deep below the skin’s surface and stay with you long after the sun exposure occurred. If you relied on tanning beds to keep up your color, the damage can be even worse. Some signs of sun damage include wrinkles, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, spider veins, and loss of elasticity. You might also experience the signs of aging faster than others if you have sun damage. Sun damage can also do much more than affect your appearance. This can cause skin cancer for some, so wearing SPF whenever you go outside is vital to protecting your health. And remember, while neurotoxins can help with wrinkles, at Optimus we have lots of different ways to help you manage those other skin concerns as well. And remember, ALWAYS wear SPF. We have some great options.


Smoking is detrimental to your overall health in many ways. One of the many ways you can see and feel the effects of smoking is on your skin. One reason why smoking can cause your skin to age quickly and severely is that it can break down the collagen in your skin. As smoking narrows blood vessels, it can also make it harder for your skin to get the oxygen it needs. Smoking can often cause wrinkles, sagging, and uneven skin tone. Some can also develop skin diseases and slow wound healing due to smoking.

Sleeping Habits

Sleeping is often thought of as the time for your body to repair itself, including your skin. However, for some of us, the way we sleep might be doing additional harm to our skin. Those who sleep on their stomach or side and keep their face on their pillow could be causing wrinkles. This can cause your skin to fold as your face is pressed into your pillow. You might also start noticing similar wrinkles forming on your neck and chest. If you sleep on one side more frequently, you can also lose volume on the side you sleep on.


If you’re unhappy with how your skin is aging, you might be able to blame your parents. Unfortunately, no matter what we do, certain things can be predestined for us due to our genetics. Some might have never taken care of their skin, only to age beautifully. Others can spend a fortune to keep their skin looking healthy. For example, genetics can determine how much collagen and elastin we produce. Your genetics also might make you more susceptible to sun damage, which can lead to more signs of aging.

Poor Diet

If you’re spending a lot on what you put on your face but not taking into account what you’re putting into your body, your efforts could be going to waste. Your skin depends on a healthy diet just as much as any other part of your body. Many healthy foods can help you get the nutrients your skin needs to stay in great shape, while certain foods can aid in hurting it. This includes sugary foods, which can damage your body’s collagen and elastin. At Optimus, we can also help you learn about the best nutrition for your health and appearance, replace and replenish vitamins and minerals, and direct you to quality nutritional supplements. Just ask the staff after you get your neurotoxins 😉.

Environmental Factors

We have very little control over what goes on around us, but environmental factors could affect how your skin wrinkles. It’s hard to escape pollution, but this can cause us to age faster and more noticeably. To protect yourself against the damaging environment you’re exposed to, an antioxidant like vitamin C can help, as well as a good skin care regimen. The Optimus staff are all knowledgeable in the skincare lines we carry as well as IV supplements that could help detox your system from environmental pollutants.

Don’t Struggle with Wrinkles Alone

It seems like no matter what we do, factors that contribute to wrinkles are all around us. You can make the best choices for your whole life, but age can still catch up to you. Don’t accept this in defeat if you don’t want to. Optimus Health offers a range of services and products that can have you looking and feeling like your best self.

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