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Optimus Transformative Medicine is a Women-owned, Physician-directed, pro-aging clinic where you can feel confident from start to finish. Our state of the art aesthetic procedures combined with functional medicine will help you to BE YOUR BEST SELF. Authenticity is our goal and we know you are more than meets the eye. Let us transform you.

How it started

Two women, one in her 30s and one in her 40s, got sick and tired of being told that the fatigue, mood swings, weight gain and sleep difficulty were all "a part of aging." Because standard blood tests don't accurately measure individual hormone levels, test after test came back "normal." And we were frustrated. And the fatigue and feeling of futility was impacting our internal self esteem as well as our external appearances. But we knew we were vibrant, healthy, ambitious, beautiful women. Our insides just weren't matching our presentation. Seeking more authenticity, a more closely linked inside-outside connection, we began reviewing integrative medical treatments and aesthetic procedures. The Latin for "your best self" is "Optimus," and becoming our best selves became our priority, while helping others do the same became our mission.

How it's going

From choosing a location to deciding which services to offer, Nicole and Ashley had a lot to figure out. Fortunately the planets aligned and they met Kim. With over 20 years of experience in aesthetics, Kim was the perfect addition to the team. Now our team includes Laura, probably the best esthetician on the planet, and our newest addition, Jenn who serves as our dedicated massage therapist. We've assembled the very best team so we can bring you a ton of experience and enthusiasm so you feel confident every step of the journey.

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