How to Recover from a Night Out


 Sometimes, a night out with friends is exactly what you need. However, if you had a few too many drinks, you might wake up feeling your lowest. The morning after drinking isn’t as easy as it was when you were younger, and you might be knocked off your feet for the whole day. No one goes into a night out planning for this to happen, but it can happen to the best of us. There’s nothing worse than spending the next day feeling like trash, and many of us can’t afford to give up that much time for a hangover.

What’s the best way to recover from a hangover? Here are a few tips that can help you pull through it.

Get Some Extra Rest

Getting yourself out of bed after a late night can feel impossible, but why rush it? If you’re able to, try to get a little extra sleep. This is especially true if you got to bed late last night or were tossing and turning all night. Sleep allows our bodies to recover, and if you overdid it last night, you need time to recover. Plus, you may be able to sleep through some of the worst of it and feel at least a little better when you get up.

Drink Plenty of Water

Before, during, and after drinking alcohol, ensuring that you’re also getting in plenty of water is extremely important. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it can make you go to the bathroom more frequently than other liquids. This can make you lose too many fluids faster than you can replace them, leading to dehydration. Drinking lots of water can help you fend off dehydration and replenish the fluids in your body the next day.

Enjoy Some Carbs

Many of us crave carbs all the time, but the day after a night of drinking can be an especially good time to have carbs. Alcohol can lower your blood sugar levels, which can lead to many of the unpleasant symptoms you might be feeling. Carbs can help bring your blood sugar levels back to normal and give you some much-needed energy. Foods like toast and crackers also won’t have a strong flavor that can risk upsetting your stomach even more.

Make Time for Exercise

Exercising might be the last thing you want to do when you’re hungover, but it might be able to help you feel a little better. If you feel up to it, doing some light exercise can help boost endorphins, which might not reverse your hangover symptoms but could put you in a better mood. Plus, if you can get outside to exercise and get some fresh air and sunshine, you might also start feeling a little more alive.

Try IV Therapy

There’s no actual cure for a hangover, but IV therapy can help give you more of a boost than many at-home treatments. As we’ve already said, when you’re hungover, you need to hydrate. IV therapy can be even more effective at hydrating your body because it administers fluids directly into your bloodstream, helping it get to work faster. At Optimus Health, we have a range of IV cocktails to choose from that are loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients that can help you feel better faster.

If you want to help your body recover more effectively or could use a little something extra any other day to help you feel your best, Optimus Health can help with our IV hydration and vitamin replacement services.

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